A national support organization dedicated to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

The Jordon Barker Foundation

Helping Those Suffering from Grief and Loss

jbf.jpg#asset:77:url The Jordon Barker Foundation was established in honor of my husband, Jordon Barker, who passed away from metastatic cancer at the age of 41. As the one who stayed behind, the loss left me with an emotional trauma.  

The after-effects of trauma can include forms of anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD, OCD, and depression. Many people battle addiction and alcoholism, isolation and troubles coping with everyday tasks. These are the symptoms of grief and trauma, not grief itself. 

I, myself had battled several of these symptoms of grief. Over time these symptoms from the experience of losing my husband are still with me, but they no longer have the piercing, cutting edge to them that they once did. Other people are not so lucky.

For many, the symptoms have disabled them. Grief is alive in society within our homeless populations. Drug addiction and alcoholism are often the results of not being able to cope with trauma over loss. Many people who have experienced loss have found themselves incapacitated from grief and trauma. They cannot hold a job. They have no back-up. And they lose everything they have, including their own minds. 

I remember joining an online grief group on Facebook after my husband died. A woman in Florida on one particular post purchased a train ticket to travel several states away to her aunt’s home for safety, shelter, and hopefully a hot meal. She only had $5 in her pocket left to her name. She had just lost everything as a result of the death of her husband. I will never forget the moment I read that.

The foundation seeks to find local, registered, financially transparent charities throughout the USA who can earmark funds for those who are suffering extreme hardship and crisis due to grief and loss of a loved one. We give to those charities who directly serve the needs of the bereaved. We especially want to help critically financially-vulnerable grieving people, military veterans, and the homeless. I want to do something so that people like the woman in Florida have something more than $5 in their pocket and a train ticket to their name.
Forever forward,
Holly C. Barker
CEO, Founder of the Jordon Barker Foundation, Inc.

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