A national support organization dedicated to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

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Heal Yourself by Helping Others

Grief Anonymous is rapidly growing and thriving in our online communities on Facebook. Our next phase is currently in the development of programs for live meetings globally. Grief Anonymous is free for all people to attend and join regardless of environmental, social or faith backgrounds. If your facility or organization is interested in starting a pilot program for GA, please let us know.

Grief Resource Network

The Grief Resource Network is the connection source for people who are suffering from grief over the loss of a loved one. Registration is free of charge for grieving individuals.


10 Tenets of Grief Anonymous

The Ten Tenets of Grief Anonymous is a self-directed healing guide that utilizes actionable steps which help you move forward into a fulfilling life.


The Jordon Barker Foundation, Inc.

The Jordon Barker Foundation has been established to give to local charitable organizations who aid those in crisis due to the death of a loved one.